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52 Nationalities in the Brookes family
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Brookes Education Group spans across 7 locations world-wide offering bespoke experiences. Brookes is a home for every child. Our global network offers a range of curriculums including the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), GCSE program, and provincial curriculums guiding students to top-tier universities around the world.

Our global network of schools

  • Kochi , India
  • Suffolk , United Kingdom
  • Moscow , Russia
  • Saint Petersburg , Russia
  • Silicon Valley , USA
  • Westshore , Canada
  • Hainan , China



Grades 11 and 12

Brookes Education Group partners with Global Public School to provide the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in Kochi. Providing a strong foundation for pupils across the globe to reflect the core values of being life-long learners living in harmony with the environment and their fellow beings.

Known For
Technology & Innovation | Entrepreneurship | Culture


United Kingdom

Nursery to Year 13
Set in the English countryside near the Cambridge Science Park and the horse-racing town of Newmarket, our Cambridge campus offers competitive sports, from renowned rugby programs to equestrian training.

Known For
Technology & Innovation | New Facilities | University Connections



Pre-Nursery to Year 13
Proudly sitting in Moscow’s Botanical Gardens district, Brookes Moscow offers access to historical sites that bring learning to life, including the Bolshoi Theatre, museums, and cathedrals from the Czar Dynasties.

Known For
New Facilities | Culture | Global Exchange

Saint Petersburg


ECD – Grade 12

Brookes Saint Petersburg will reignite the educational market in Saint Petersburg by offering the IB as an IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) Candidate School; leading to the Diploma Programme (DP) in the future. Brookes Saint Petersburg is home to a culturally-rich and international community including diplomatic and expatriate families as well as local Russian families. Brookes also welcomes highly qualified teachers from around the world who offer a range of disciplines.

Known For
Technology | Community | Culture

Silicon Valley


Grades 9 to 12
Innovation comes to life at our Silicon Valley campus: Nestled on 200 acres in the start-up heart of the United States, it is the ideal location for entrepreneurial spirits, only minutes from leading tech companies.

Known For
Technology & Innovation | Entrepreneurship | Internships



Grades 6 to 12
Centrally located with amenities in all directions, our Westshore location is a newly built, environmentally conscious facility, balancing urban life with nature.

Known For
Local Partnerships | New Facilities | Safe Location



Brookes Hainan encourages students to thrive in an academic stream which is personalized to them while encouraging and supporting exploration in athletics, the arts and service. Brookes Hainan fosters a global mindset and prepares students for success beyond Brookes as global citizens. We offer students the ability to expand their conversation across borders connecting students to other Brookes schools around the world and the opportunity to embark on cultural and academic exchange.


Known For
New Facilities | Sports | Global Exchange
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