Our Approach

Be your best

We deliver an exceptional educational learning experience by providing personalized programs by teachers who truly care. We embrace creativity, develop connections and build character to encourage our students to engage in the world and effect meaningful change.

Our Mission

Students are supported in a caring environment and given opportunities to learn about themselves and to take action in areas in which they are passionate.

Our students and teachers come from diverse backgrounds and we connect globally with our other campuses to learn about the world, from the world.

We inspire and teach students about global issues by connecting ideas and stories locally. We strive to use our environment as a tool and a canvas for learning and action.

Our Vision

A world of self-confident lifelong learners connected and inspired to help others.

Our Value

Through leadership challenges and opportunities, we help students discover their passion, develop their character, and understand their connection to others and society. We espouse creativity, build character and develop connections to deliver exceptional educational learning experiences.

Our Pillars

We believe our responsibility as educators is to unlock the human potential within each student through the guiding pillars of our academic approach.

Building Character

Character must be cultivated with care to allow each student to become the best possible version of themselves.

What does character look like at Brookes?
Lead a benefit concert to raise awareness of local and global issues.

Connecting Minds

Connecting is a vital tool for understanding, which is the first step to inspiring change.

What does connection look like at Brookes?
Spend a semester on exchange in Moscow—and sing a song at the Bolshoi!

Encouraging Creativity

Creativity is so much more than a love of the arts. A creative mind can understand, adapt and innovate, and is a valuable asset.

What does creativity look like at Brookes?
Use your imagination to create a new product—then see it come to life when you build it in our Makerspace using a 3D printer.

Brookes Young Musician of the Year Award

Hosted by Brookes Moscow, the Brookes Young Musician of the Year Award empowers students to explore their creativity, connect on a shared passion and express themselves through music.